Voice Recording Solutions and Analytics

For all your telecommunication needs, ILANZ offers you high quality Voice Recording and Analytics solutions that can integrate with all major PBX vendors like Cisco, Alcatel, Unify-Atos, Avaya and a host of other leading players.

We also offer integrations to SIP voice servers based on SIP-REC.

Additionally, if the need is to extend the recording for Microsoft Teams environment, look no further as ILANZ has the right blend of multiple solutions for you to choose from.

ILANZ is a certified competence partner for leading vendors like ASC Technologies Germany, Vidicode Netherlands etc.

ASC is a worldwide leading provider of software and cloud solutions in the field of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics. Among our target groups are all companies that record their communication, especially contact centers, financial service providers, and public safety organizations. We record, analyze and evaluate interactions across all media, including fixed line and mobile voice, chat, video, screen, SMS and meetings. The content of communication becomes accessible and critical information and trends are revealed, providing real-time business intelligence for immediate management action.

ASC offers its entire portfolio either as a service from the cloud or as on-premise. We believe in cloud, and thus offer a truly multi-tenant, highly scalable family of products and services – giving our customers full flexibility, allowing them to invest as they grow, always leveraging our latest technology.

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