Training Services

Given that your ICT investment continues to play a major role in the sales cycle, it is not surprising that it is one of the most important assets your organization has, after the people that it employs. We at ILANZ have the stringent policy that a solution is simply not worth purchasing unless the education and training you receive is both comprehensive and of the highest quality

At ILANZ Business we have a highly qualified training team, which can provide training services to meet a customerĀ“s exact business requirements, whether your premises or at ILANZ training centre. We can also provide addition training remotely via Computer Based training (CBT) and / or Webinar sessions. Of course, there is a mutual benefit in providing this high level of training.

We receive less support requests due to user error when our customers are fully trained and clients can have autonomy, reacting to their own business needs, with speed and efficiency. With this understanding, ILANZ' training team is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective training designed to help organizations not only adapt to changing environments, but also deliver greater returns from their investments in both people and communication systems.

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