WAN Optimization

There are many challenges with existing WAN technologies that make it difficult to deliver applications across a distributed enterprise.

Limited bandwidth and high traffic volume often lead to network congestion, which can result in packet loss, latency, and jitter. These can have an adverse effect on application performance. This problem is compounded when different applications with unique delivery requirements vye for the same network resources. For example, voice traffic should be handled quite differently than web traffic when traversing a WAN. In addition, security concerns exist when business critical traffic is sent across a shared infrastructure, such as the Internet. As a result, IT managers have their hands full dealing with a variety of limitations that come with Wide Area Networking. Silver Peak appliances leverage a variety of technology components to minimize WAN limitations, ensuring secure and scalable traffic delivery with maximum application performance. This includes a unique blend of WAN deduplication, loss mitigation, Quality of Service (QoS), and latency mitigation.

With Silver Peak, enterprises can improve application delivery across a wide array of WAN environments, including:

  • Private lines, Frame Relay and ATM Networks.
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).
  • Internet Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPNs).
  • Data Services over VSAT Satellite Links.

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