Board & Meeting Room

Every business can benefit from collaboration – when people share ideas and work together, it’s a chance to improve productivity and results. OUR solutions give you those opportunities by enabling you to work with information in more meaningful, effective ways. You can easily share information, concepts and plans or discuss and brainstorm ideas – either in scheduled meetings or informal collaboration sessions. You can also effortlessly capture notes by writing in digital ink over any application and saving your work as a PDF or PPT file. Or you can mark up documents in Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Either way, you can distribute information instantly via e-mail, ensuring that all participants have a record of the meeting’s outcome.

Regardless of the purpose of your meetings, presentations, demonstrations or collaboration sessions, OUR solutions can help make your workday more productive and drive success for your business.


The audiovisual systems required for Boardrooms, are often the most advanced multimedia solutions that a company or organization will invest in, since it is often the Boardroom that hosts the most important client facing meetings, or where critical internal decisions are made.

In addition, room aesthetics are very important, and the technology must integrate seamlessly into the room architecture and furniture to take account of the; image, nature and grandeur of the space. AvexiA provide AutoCAD layouts as part of our service to assist in this process.

Such rooms will almost certainly require videoconferencing and audio conferencing, but increasingly HD (High Definition) Videoconferencing is being adopted. Audio performance is vital where long meetings are held with important decision making, therefore we design audio solutions from small rooms to the largest possible Boardroom allowing all participants to hear with complete clarity.

Busy business professionals do not want to spend time learning how advanced audiovisual systems operate; therefore all Boardroom solutions we design have an intuitive control system allowing the technology to be used easily, reliably and to its best advantage.

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