Computer Telephony Integration (Screenpop)

COMPUTER TELEPHONY INTEGRATION (SCREENPOP) is used widely in the industry with :

  • Call information display (caller’s number (ANI), number dialed (DNIS), and Screen population on answer, with or without using calling line data.
  • Phone control. (answer, hang up, hold, conference, etc.).
  • Coordinated phone and data transfers between two parties (i.e. pass on the Screen pop with the call).
  • Phone control. (logging on; after-call work notification).
  • Advanced functions such as call routing, reporting functions, automation of desktop activities, and multi-channel blending of phone, e-mail, and web requests.
  • Agent state control (for example, after-call work for a set duration, then automatic change to the ready state).
  • Automatic dialing and computer controlled dialing (fast dial, preview, and predictive dial.).
  • Call control for Quality Monitoring/call recording software.

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