Server Solutions provides premier server and network installation and management for small networks. With installing and managing large, medium, and small corporate networks, we bring large network quality to small networks at affordable prices. We offer the benefits of a full service IT Department, with no headaches, at a fraction of the cost. We take care of your network, so you can take care of business. If you ever do experience a hardware failure and we have to come to your premises to replace your hardware, or even to completely rebuild your server, you pay only for the new hardware and materials you need. There's never any additional charge for our labor, no matter what time of the day or night you need us, because it's already included in your fixed monthly fee. So in case of a minor failure, or a major disaster, you can rest assured you'll be fully protected and back up and running, with no nasty surprises.

Server Computing:

Our Server Computing solutions portfolio covers small and medium size departmental servers, branch to remote office servers, Application and Database servers to run mission critical tasks as well as Business Continuity Servers (BCS) for data center & Server Virtualization.

Tower model Servers:

Most suitable for organizations moving from high end desktops to Servers as well as first time buyers. This is the perfect system for SMEs looking to centralize their IT infrastructure, by offering a great price to-performance ratio.

Rack Servers:

Right platform products to provide new servers in dynamic computing infrastructures with ease. Rack servers are highly optimized and tested to run for specific tasks. Simple and easy to configure, these servers can be engineered for use in various industry verticals. These servers are highly scalable in terms of compute, memory and storage enhancements. These are also Energy-efficient servers, reducing electricity costs for the data center cooling systems, and enhancing the budgets.

Blade Servers:

With Blade enclosures Blade Servers are Modular in design, highly scalable, highly energy efficient with scalable performance, easy to deploy and manage. Armed with our esteemed partnerships with HP, Dell and Fujitsu. we can, today offer choices that will help run your businesses most cost effectively with optimized ROI.

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