The Data Storage industry is constantly developing and bringing out new and inventive storage systems. We have been supplying data storage and data archiving solutions since 2009 to companies large and small across all industries as well as a multitude of central government departments. We provide free impartial advice on a variety of disk storage, archival storage, tape storage & backup / data management software, based on knowledge.

We work closely with many of the world's leading data storage vendors to provide tier 1 storage systems, LTO-7 based tape systems, Blu-ray based optical storage, high capacity RAID storage systems with 84+ bays and accompanying data management software providing a completely tiered storage system for backup and archiving.

Our data storage solutions are approved to work in Virtualization, Cloud, Post Production, HPC, CCTV, Construction, Databases and many other applications where the storage needs to perform, offer value for money and provide resilience against drive or controller failure. The storage products we supply on just disk based data storage have a wide variety of host interfaces, these are Fibre Channel, iSCSI, Network Attached Storage, SAS, Direct Attached Storage, Clustered and Unified. Many of these RAID systems support SAS-III/SATA-III and SSD drives along with redundant controllers, drives, fans and power supplies.

Our insatiable appetite for creating large amounts of data continues with new applications coming out daily generating new information. Trying to manage this data growth is a huge headache for IT staff and organizations already under constant pressure to cut costs. The new and inventive data storage systems that are designed to cater for this data growth are taking slightly different approaches. Some increase capacity, others free up space, some speed things up, some use compression algorithms to condense data. We understand what these storage technologies can and cannot provide and regularly speak with companies and people about the merits that they provide.

As a business purely focused around data storage we are constantly looking for and speaking with vendors whose products enhance our current storage portfolio and provide another piece of the storage puzzle to make an individual or organizations life easier

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