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Desktop Phones

OpenScape Desk Phone family

Intuitive, space-efficient and gigabit to the desk. The ergonomic OpenScape Desk Phone IP family delivers a user-friendly, cost-effective and feature-rich communications experience.

Simple deployment, crystal-clear HD audio and gigabit Ethernet let users enjoy productive communications with best-in-class value.

  • OpenStage 60
  • OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G
  • OpenStage 40
  • OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G / 35G Eco
  • OpenStage 30
  • OpenStage 15
  • OpenStage 10

Wireless Phones

Sometimes, more than just work is at stake

Our wireless devices allow your on-campus mobile workers to collaborate anywhere on site without the worry of call failure. And without running up costly mobile charges.

Soft Clients

OpenScape Personal: An entry-level unified communications soft client.

It’s designed for those who are mainly office-based, but sometimes work from home or are occasionally mobile. At all locations, OpenScape Personal offers easy access to incoming and outgoing voice communications and an efficient, quick way of communicating with contacts.

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