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Backup and Replication

Enterprises these days face the challenge of data explosion and must back up their data while proceeding to function in extremely cost sensitive and cautious environments. Data stability and protection is of primary importance to just about any company environment.

Our Enterprise Infrastructure professionals deliver leading Backup and Replication plans, centered on building and applying an ideal solution for your organization. Today Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is becoming an industry standard in the virtualization backup space. Virtual infrastructures help in resolving a wide range of problems that a company faces, while working with traditional physical server network. At the same time it creates new challenges in the aspect of data protection and backup.

While the traditional backup tools are used to ensure data safety within physical infrastructures and normally perform backups up to a certain schedule, our solution in combination with leading edge technologies, help you to take copies of each and every transaction occurring within the network and ensure you of any point any piece (of information access) within your infrastructure.

Backup & Recovery solutions focus on the following:

  •  Disk to disk.
  •  Data Protection.
  •  Architect Consolidation.
  •  NAS.
  •  De-duplication and Optimization.
  •  Virtual Tape Library (VTL).

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