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Nurse Call System

A reliable nurse call system is not an option, it's a necessity. It’s vitally important to call on the best. Our design professionals will create a solution that will aid your staff and allow them to provide fast and efficient care. Our systems are scalable and incredibly reliable – built to hold up to the day-to-day use by staff and patients.


  •  Ability to facilitate applications from 10-1024 beds.
  •  Ability to interface door control stations, staff presence stations, staff locator and system wide activity   reports.
  •  Audio-visual systems for nurse-patient communication needs.
  •  Executive information system software with hourly call statistics reports.
  •  Microprocessor based systems stations, pocket page, and executive information systems, summarized call    statistics, reports and summarized patient activity reports.

 Systems designed to your specific needs and requirements.

Tone & light systems for non-voice system requirements. TONE & LIGHT SYSTEMS A tone and light system can provide assurance to patients and staff that calls are answered promptly so needs can be met. Once activated by a patient and/or staff, the system provides a tone with associated illuminated light and room corridor light. Additionally, it provides notification at the nurse call master station with the associated illuminated light and tone. This system can also be programmed to activate staff/duty stations, staff pagers, and other master stations.

AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEMS When you need two-way voice communication between the nurse call master station & patient bedside stations, bath/emergency stations, staff/duty stations and other master stations, you need a reliable Audio-Visual System. Management systems are available to track all events associated with your nurse call system (both tone/light and audio-visual) from call duration, call types, and staff response times.

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