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IP TV/ Video-on-demand

Offer the Power of IPTV:

Today's consumers want access to media anywhere, anytime, on any device. To meet these demands, you need a medianet: an end-to-end IP network optimized for rich-media services. A medianet provides an IPTV platform that is network-aware, media-aware, and device-aware to deliver more personal, social, and interactive media experiences.

INGEsuite: works through an attractive interactive interface, available in multiple languages, offering guests services such as individual, groups or general customized welcome message, alarm, virtual shop, messages allowing hotel staff to get in contact with rooms by using text messages, hotel information with directory, facilities, restaurants, closest stores, etc. and basic international information as weather, newspapers, stocks, currency exchange, airport information and access to social networks or email. In additions this interface provides hotels an administration tool where the hotel manages the status of accessories within the room, such as bathroom accessories, lighting, bed accessories, etc., a housekeeping tool to be aware of the room status, and a Minibar tool to report all minibar consumptions.

BEIPtv: provides a great flexibility and a high usability, making very simple the work of creating multiple TV channel list and assign them later to different users or groups of users. Other interesting additional features are the possibility to record one TV programs either live or scheduled (with Time-Shift functionality), to define any TV Channel as PayTV channels, implementing a control access integrated with the Billing system, to access the EPG information, etc.

ADSinfo: is a complete digital signage solution that enables products or services to be advertised in a very attractive way. All the Displays at your facilities, which are connected to the TCP/IP network, can become immediately into a point of sales, or better said, a point of advertising. Everything is easily controlled from a single point with the aim of getting the maximum visual impact there where we want to bring the message, by the use of multimedia content.

OND3mand: is the Entertainment Solutions VOD Server, which allows users to select and watch video content on demand, and it’s used by ES in all their Hospitality Solutions, such as INGEsuite and Hospitalia. Additionally, in order to provide a complete End-to-End solution, we offer a content package, including the latest hollywood movies available and with a wide selection of action, drama, comedy and children titles, all from the main Hollywood Studios (Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Paramount, Dreamworks and MGM), as Entertainment Solutions has a global license agreement with the main Hollywood aggregators to provide such contents into any hospitality project Worldwide.

ESiA: Server is a high-speed Internet access gateway, which controls the Internet connection of laptop users within the local area network. Users just have to plug and play their laptop to the wired network or select the right hot spot in a wireless network to enter to the validation web portal.

INMOpack: provides the access to the backoffice "manager" application. The layout of this application will vary depending of the different platforms/modules included within the final solution. It will show clearly the project topology in matters of buildings, floors, rooms, conference rooms, etc.

CyphES: System performs pre-encryption of media content and real time encryption of live broadcast streams. The content is kept in an encrypted state through the distribution network from the content distribution servers to the media player in authorized client set-top boxes or other receiving devices. The content is encrypted on a packet-by-packet basis

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